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5 Things to Know Before your Denver Adventure

Ridiculous stereotypes busted by a Colorado Native

By Matt Johnson on January 17, 2017

For people looking for an adventure in Denver, here are a five things you ought to know, before you hop that plane:

  1. No, everyone here doesn’t have a six shooter on their hip and wear cowboy boots. You have a good chance of finding cowboy boots on the western slope, however.
  2. Conversely, everyone here doesn’t smoke weed and wear hand knitted clothes either.
  3. There’s more to do than ski, and since Denver is on the edge of the plains, you might want to try our multitude of breweries and brewpubs. It will make it easier for you to fall down things in lieu of the mountains. They’re at least an hour away. It snows here though, so you can get the same feeling with enough booze.
  4. No matter how tempted you are to buy stuff with the Colorado logo on it at the airport, don’t. This identifies you as a foreigner and we will separate you from your herd and shred you. Just saying.
  5. I promise there is more to the local music scene than The Fray and The Flobots. We have punk, rock and rap, as well as techno and trance. The country music in Denver is about as authentic as it is in Philadelphia, however.
  6. Remember these five tidbits after you deplane and you are already on your way a grand Denver adventure, even if you are just here for the weed.
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