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Adam’s Mystery Playhouse Family Fun for Everyone

Another great thing to do in Denver!

By Elizabeth Leer on September 18, 2017

  If you are looking for something fun and different to do for dinner or a special occasion, Adam’s Mystery Playhouse should be at the top of your list of considerations. The interactive lively entertainment is only outshined by the elegant historic former (1800’s) home that this one of a kind experience resides in. All of this is only five minutes outside of downtown Denver on Federal Boulevard, in the heart of Denver.

When exploring the Playhouse prior to your dinner, make sure to check out the hidden staircase. This home was built in the 1880’s, as close to anyone can tell from the property’s records and has had a sorted and sometimes disturbing past. After one of its original residents mysteriously disappeared it became a mortuary and chapel changing ownership several times before sitting vacant for several years; until finally being purchased in 2006 and converted into the Adam’s Mystery Playhouse.

Once is never enough for this fun venue, since the script and story lines, as well as actors, transition providing a variety of genres, experiences, and variety for visitors to have a different experience each time they return.

The dinner is done buffet style but was very good when I attended the Western saloon themed night a few years ago. The management came around to each table and let them know when it was their tables turn to go to the buffet as a way of controlling how long the line was, which was a little different. However, it seemed to work quite well.

This location is great for small parties, date nights, or private events. Tickets include dinner, the tour, and the interactive play. For those who would prefer a drink with their meal there is a full-service bar. Tickets sell out fast since the venue is not overly large, so plan ahead and buy your tickets online.

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About the author: Elizabeth is an adoptive Colorado native according to her Colorado native friends. After moving to Colorado for work 26 years ago, she has found the opportunity to live her life dream as a Professional Writer while also getting to live the Colorado lifestyle that makes Colorado such a great place.



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