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An Insiders Look into The Denver Adventure 2016

Read a first hand account of the 2016 event

By Colorado Colleen on November 18, 2016

The Denver Adventure provided an action-packed day of exploration, laughter, pictures and fun.  I participated in the Denver Adventure with my two best friends.  We explored the city in ways that we never had before!  We took pictures with zombies, cows, buildings, objects, and much more. 

My friends and I strategized the best ways to get around Denver, brainstormed about the landmarks that we were familiar with, and Googled the places with which we weren’t familiar and the best part was that we ended up winning a prize! It was an awesome Colorado prize pack filled with goodies that my friends and I shared. 

I had a great time participating in the Denver Adventure and definitely plan to do it again!

About the author: Colorado Colleen is a Denver native and loves taking advantage of all her home state has to offer. From hiking numerous 14er's to 5k fun runs, she is always out doing something.



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