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Beer Lover’s Paradise

On top of the abundance of microbreweries in the area, Colorado is also home to 4 of the country’s top 50 brewing companies.

By Elizabeth Leer on March 8, 2017

With approximately 57 microbreweries in the city of Denver alone, there is more than enough selection of top quality brews to choose from.  

The Culture

In Colorado having a beer is about more than downing an alcoholic beverage. It is about enjoying the flavors, textures, and overall experience of the beer while having fun times with friends and family.

It is this attitude towards beer that has inspired the population explosion of microbreweries not only in the Denver area but throughout the entire state of Colorado with more than 140 microbreweries; each with their own atmosphere and philosophy on beer.


Beer gardens and brewpubs have changed the way Denver residents think about the beer experience. Although there are still plenty of bars to hop around, the beer garden and brewpub experience has transitioned beer drinkers to skip the bar scene and hit the garden instead.

This change in concepts stems from an influx of beer gardens into most Denver Metro areas allowing the residents to experience the relaxed European pub atmosphere that bars and clubs don’t offer, in their own neighborhood.


Besides having a thriving industry of microbreweries, Colorado also is home to two of the world’s largest breweries, Coors in Golden, and Budweiser in Ft. Collins. Both of these facilities offer tours that include samples as long as you are  21 or older.

Although Ft. Collins is a bit of a drive (an hour and a half) from Denver, Golden is a short twenty-minute jaunt by highway. This makes it easy and convenient to hit the Coors Tour, or just spend an afternoon hanging out in the brewery’s pub enjoying your favorites while having a relaxed conversation with friends. Oh! And don’t forget your tour bottle cap hat picture. Coors takes the photo at the beginning of your tour, and you can purchase copies when you are ready to leave.

Beer in Colorado, and especially in Denver, is about more than drinking. It is about comradery, good friends, good environment, and good times combined with innovative flavors and quality brewing; which makes it the true beer lover’s paradise.

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About the author: Elizabeth is an adoptive Colorado native according to her Colorado native friends. After moving to Colorado for work 26 years ago, she has found the opportunity to live her life dream as a Professional Writer while also getting to live the Colorado lifestyle that makes Colorado such a great place.



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