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My California to Colorado Conversion

Transitioning from a beach loving, sailing So. California girl to the Colorado way of life wasn't as easy as I had thought...

By Elizabeth Leer on February 27, 2017

After 26 years as a Colorado transplant native, I can still remember my first words to my now ex-husband as we drove up I25 entering the Denver Metro area after two days on the road with my six-month-old son, in mid-March, “Turn this car around. I want to go back. It is so brown here.” Boy! was I wrong.

Growing up a beach loving sailing girl in So. California and having my only perspective of Colorado be what I watched on “Mork and Mindy” as a teen in the 1980’s I expected all of Colorado to be lush forests, mountain ranges, and blue skies. It didn’t dawn on me that Colorado actually had four seasons (that I have come to love), which is something that is rarely experienced in So. Cal.

However, it only took about a week for me to change my perspective and begin loving my new home in Colorado. The epic blue skies with low hanging cotton like clouds that look like a drawing out of the “Simpsons”, the Rocky Mountain views that welcome in every day, 300 days on average per year of sunshine, and the abundance of outdoor living and wildlife swept me off of my feet; assuring me that I had chosen the perfect place to take roots and raise my family.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Colorado’s many versatile ecosystems from desert dunes to lush forests and high plains prairie lands, to big cities, make it one of the most diverse states in the country; providing its residents with a plethora of activities, sightseeing, historical locations and environments to explore.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, I found the Colorado natives to be extremely friendly, down to earth, and helpful as I began to learn about my surroundings and settle in. They were more than happy to introduce my family to all of the local parks, beer gardens, bike paths, concert venues of all sizes, events, amusement parks, and nightlife to be found.

As a lover of the theater and symphony, I was elated to find that Denver’s Center for the Performing Arts has a year-round calendar of plays, concerts, and performances that rival anything seen in cities like Los Angelos or New York; with big name performers, and broadway tour groups.

Then to discover that besides the Denver Broncos, Denver also has a championship baseball team, Championship Indoor and Outdoor Lacross teams, Stanley Cup Winning Hockey Team, and a NBA Basketball team that draw visitors from three other states to watch their games; I realized that Denver has all of the luxuries, amenities, and social excursions that are available in cities twice its size while still having that country lifestyle and feel that attracted me to Colorado in the first place.

So, it suffices to say that although I wanted to turn right around and head back to the beaches of California when I first arrived, that it didn’t take long for the desire to go home to fade and transition into living the life I had always envisioned; making Colorado my home and the perfect place to raise my family.

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About the author: Elizabeth is an adoptive Colorado native according to her Colorado native friends. After moving to Colorado for work 26 years ago, she has found the opportunity to live her life dream as a Professional Writer while also getting to live the Colorado lifestyle that makes Colorado such a great place.



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