The Denver Adventure | A citywide scavenger hunt

Denver-Themed Challenges, Trivia and Puzzles


Earn points by successfully completing challenges. We verify each one.

Each challenge has a different value and your team decides which ones to complete.

Prize challenges unlock once your team accumulates enough verified points.

All challenges will be within a 20 mile radius of the state capitol.

Some will be physical and some will be mental, but all will relate to Denver.

All challenges are submitted using the mobile optimized Adventure Portal.

Challenge Types


Performed once per team.


Performed once per player.


Snap a pic using the selfie stick we give you!


Shoot a short video.


Got to be in the right spot!

Puzzles and Trivia

This is where it gets interesting.

Think you really know Denver? We want you to prove it. After completing select challenges, your team will need to answer Denver trivia. Your team decides how many points to wager before seeing the question. Better be quick about answering, the timer starts once the question is displayed. Get it right and your team just picked up some extra points, get it wrong or run out of time though and you lose them!


Sponsor The Denver Adventure

We're looking to team up with local brands that love Colorado as much as we do, especially in the outdoor / active-lifestyle sectors. From providing prizes to designing challenges, we have an opportunity for you.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for some summer volunteer hours? We've got you covered! Plus we'll hook you up with some sweet swag and free tickets to our upcoming events.

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