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Denver Fact #9 – The Colorado Rockies are Cheaters

How the climate in Denver impacts how far baseballs fly at Coors Field

By Dan Pag on January 11, 2017

No, the Colorado Rockies aren’t cheaters (although most baseball fans in Colorado likely wish they were since they are typically a joke of a team), but statistics showed that more home runs were being hit at Denver’s Coors Field than in any other baseball stadium in the country, and by a long shot. 

Turns out, the thinner air that’s the result of being situated a mile above sea level has a pretty interesting impact on how far baseballs fly. Simply storing the balls in our dry climate made the balls themselves dry out, causing them to shrink. As science tells us, smaller objects ultimately have less wind resistance, causing them to fly further. 

And fly further they do, so much so, in fact, that in 2002, the Colorado Rockies installed a $15,000 humidifier to store all the baseballs used for games to level out the advantage. Since then, all teams in the MLB have adopted similar climate controlled storage practices. 

Although the number of home runs has decreased, some fans still believe in the magic in the air in the mile high city. 

About the author: Dan was born and raised in Littleton, CO. He loves to ski and mountain bike but hates hiking.



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