The Denver Adventure | A citywide scavenger hunt

The Denver Adventure

Here are the game time details you need to know. We recommend everyone on your team read this and our policies prior to event day.

The Basics

Requirements to play:

  • Must be 21 years old or over before Saturday, June 17, 2017
  • Although it’s possible to play without a smartphone, we highly recommend everyone on your team have a smartphone that:
    • Connects to the internet
    • Has a functioning GPS
    • Can take pictures / videos
  • Access to the email address you used to sign up. We send critical game updates to your registered email address. If you need to update your email, contact us.

General Information:

1. Find (or make) some friends and team up

Your team can have up to 4 players. Want to do it party-of-one-style? That’s fine (#truthTree – you probably won’t be successful alone) but you’ll have more fun and a better chance of winning with a full team.

2. Wait until Saturday, June 17

At 9AM MT on Saturday, June 17, we are going to flip the switch, instantly loading all of the challenges into the Adventure Portal. That is your one and only indication that the game has begun.

3. Use your phone to solve Denver-themed challenges

The Adventure Portal is fully mobile optimized and designed to work quickly while you’re on the go. You’ll be able to search and filter challenges, keep track of your submissions and see how your team stacks up to others in real time.

4. Hunt for Prizes

Each approved challenge will earn your team a set number of points. After your team has accumulated enough points (the amount of points varies depending on the value of the prize), prize challenges will automatically unlock. You do not have to go after every prize and only the first team to find each prize gets to keep it. Once they’re found they’re gone, so plan accordingly!

The Specifics

Challenge Types

There are four different types of challenges:

  • Team Team challenges require everyone on the team to participate at the same time. If it’s a photo submission, everyone on the team must be in the SAME image to receive full credit. Team challenges are only submitted once per team.
  • Individual Individual challenges can be submitted once by everyone on the team. Points are calculated based on the number of players on the team – For example, if the challenge has a total value of 100, each approved submission on a team of 4 would get 25 points. For a 3 person team, 33.33 points, 2 person team 50 points and a full 100 points for single person teams. We round to the nearest whole point.
  • Solo Solo challenges can only be submitted once per team, but only one person on the team needs to do it to receive full credit. No bonus points will be awarded if everyone on the team completes it.
  • Prize Prize challenges can be found in the Prize tab and will not display in the main challenges list. They require a set number of points before they can be unlocked, and will automatically unlock once your team has accumulated the posted amount of approved points. Pending points do not count towards unlocking prizes.

All challenges will be submitted via the Adventure Portal unless otherwise specified. More information on the Adventure Portal will be emailed to registered players closer to game time. Each challenge will require the submission of at least one kind of media:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Location

Some challenges will require an image and specific location, or video and specific location. Whenever a location is required, we will automatically gather the location of the device at the time the submit button is pressed. Your device must be in the correct location at that time in order to successfully submit (so no taking the pic / video and submitting the challenge while you are en route to the next challenge!).

A Note on Location Tracking

We log (and review) location data periodically during the event and on each challenge submission, regardless of whether that challenge requires a location or not to prevent cheating. Be sure to enable location sharing when prompted, otherwise you will not be able to play.

You can select media from your phone in one of several ways:

  • Launch the default camera
  • Launch the default camcorder
  • Opens the Media Library

The status banner only appears after a challenge has been submitted and will be:

  • Approved We reviewed it and this challenge is good to go. These points are available to your team. You can not resubmit approved challenges.
  • Pending We need to review it to make sure you followed the rules. It may take us up to 10 minutes to review a challenge, but likely less. You can resubmit challenges while they are pending, but we will only review the most recent submission.
  • Partial We reviewed it and determined that you didn’t follow all the rules, but got close. We’ll provide some feedback that you can review next to this status. You can resubmit this challenge for full credit.
  • Rejected We reviewed this challenge and determined it did not follow the rules at all, or your device wasn’t in the right spot. We’ll provide feedback as to why it was rejected that you can review. You can resubmit rejected challenges at any time for full credit.


If at any point you would like to dispute the status of your challenge, you may do so by emailing from the email you used to register. You must include your team name, the name of the person who submitted the challenge, which challenge it is, and the reason you believe the status should be changed. It can take up to 30 minutes to get a response from a dispute.

The Adventure Portal

All registered players are eligible to log in to the Adventure Portal and submit challenges. To log in, simply use the team name and team password used to create your team.

All challenges are submitted via the Adventure Portal. We review most submissions manually (anything that requires a image or video) before awarding points, although the system will automatically approve and award points for some challenges instantly (location only challenges). We keep the status of each challenge updated in real time so you know exactly where we’re at in the process.

Please allow about 10 minutes for us to approve challenges.

It doesn’t matter which teammate submits challenges, but make sure you follow the instructions given in each challenge. Some challenges only require one person to submit, some allow everyone to submit.

We have a system in place to detect when users log in and out of the Adventure Portal. You can not log in as multiple people on the same device! Doing so is grounds for disqualification and we do keep track.


Each challenge has a value associated with it. The posted value is the full value of that challenge and is what your team can expect to receive if the challenge was submitted correctly.


Some challenges may offer a bonus if something extra is performed. Details for bonuses will be explicitly provided in the challenge details. A bonus will be awarded on top of the posted value if completed correctly. The challenge must be completed correctly in order to receive a bonus.


Partial credit may be awarded if your team failed to fully comply with all the instructions given in the challenge, but you didn’t quite screw it up enough to be fully rejected. A partial status will be reflected on your account. You may resubmit challenges that received partial credit at any time for full credit.


All prizes will be physically hidden throughout the Denver area. Most of the time you will be hunting for the actual prize itself, but in a few cases where we can not reasonably hide a prize (the grand prize, for instance), you will be hunting for a placeholder that can be redeemed for the real prize at a location we’ll disclose after the game to winning teams. Prizes will be able to be picked up same day, or at a time and place we agree upon.

It’s possible we’ll only hide a portion of a prize. In these instances, the team that finds it first will be given instructions on how to get the rest of the prize.

It’s likely multiple teams will be hunting for the same prize at the same time – play nice!!! Whichever team touches the prize first gets to keep it, but don’t be dicks to each other and give other teams some breathing room.

Prize Disputes

Don’t fight with each other, but if two or more teams can not determine who touched it first, please try and work something out together. This is all about teamwork and having fun, so don’t get carried away. If we have to step in to resolve a conflict, we will simply award the prize to the team that unlocked the prize first.

Prize unable to be found

We would rather prizes be very hard to find than easily found and taken accidentally by a non-participant, so having trouble finding them is okay in our book. If, however, no team is able to find a prize, and a reasonable amount of time has passed, we will begin an investigation that will include a member of our team getting involved. If we also can’t find it, a replacement prize of equal or greater retail value will be awarded to the first team to unlock the prize challenge.

Issues & Technical Failures

Although we will do everything we can to troubleshoot individual technical issues during the game, our #1 priority is verifying challenges and ensuring the game is running smoothly for everyone. This may cause an extended delay in technical troubleshooting. We are more than happy to help solve issues in the days leading up to the game.

In the unlikely event of a server failure, network unreliability or any other technical failure related to or caused specifically by our hardware, software or 3rd party systems, we will notify all users via the email address provided during registration and provide backup instructions.

Device Compatibility

We have taken a lot of steps to make sure our systems are compatible with the gross majority of devices, but it’s impossible to test on every device and system configuration. We strongly encourage you to log in prior to game time on your device and submit the demo challenges to make sure it works as expected.

The Adventure Portal works on all Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Registration closes at midnight on Friday, June 16, 2017.
  • Anything within a 20 mile radius of the Colorado State Capitol is fair game.
  • The game should take a total of 4-5 hours, but it may take more or less depending on how fast you guys are.
  • There is no starting location – your team can start wherever you want.
  • The game starts at precisely 9AM MT. Don’t be late!
  • The adventure will go on rain or shine, so be prepared for anything.


We’re here for you! Feel free to email us at with any questions you may have.


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