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October – Denver’s Best Kept Secret

Think Denver is too cold to be any fun in October? Well, you're just flat out wrong.

By Dan Pag on October 5, 2016

With an average temperature of only 66 degrees, it’s no wonder why October in Colorado often gets overlooked and dismissed as ‘too cold’. That 66 average can be very off putting to a tourist; it’s going to be hard to find a good place to ski and 66 sounds too cold to spend time outside to non-winter inclined. But, natives know that Colorado is anything but average when it comes to weather.  

We have a culture that loves being outside – doing things and being active outdoors is kind of the name of our game and October is a fantastic month to be gathering the last bits of sunshine-y warmth that we’ll get for a while. In fact, we compiled a list of what to do in Denver in October, in case you haven’t made up your mind yet. 

It’s not uncommon to have one day feel like summer with a high in the 80’s and the next day, get a foot of snow (that then melts the next day). This is what makes this month so great. Tourism is relatively down (because everyone thinks there’s nothing to do here) but the weather is amazing, and the tourists that do come out just head straight to the mountains to look at the leaves – often not even leaving their cars to fully experience the true beauty. 

The next time you think about discounting October, think again my friends. 


About the author: Dan was born and raised in Littleton, CO. He loves to ski and mountain bike but hates hiking.



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