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The Brown Palace; 125 Years of Excellence

The Brown Palace is not simply a hotel; it is a focal point for Denver residents

By Elizabeth Leer on April 10, 2017

Built in 1892, the iconic Brown Palace Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Denver and has played host to dignitaries, celebrities, and business moguls for 125 years. Although it has had several renovations over its lifetime, the original elegance and glamor of this establishment still remain today. The Brown Palace is not simply a hotel; it is a focal point for Denver residents to enjoy live music, pub and gourmet cuisine, and interesting annual events.

High Tea

The Brown Palace’s Afternoon Tea is available daily between the hours of 12 PM and 4 PM and will make you feel as though you are seated in a high-end London hotel. The menu includes a variety of tea flavors as well as an assortment of finger sandwiches and scones. Relax and enjoy the Devonshire cream imported straight from England as you listen to the melodies that drift around the room from one of the Brown Palace’s expert pianists or harpists transporting you to a time long since passed.


After you have enjoyed your afternoon tea, you will want to take one of the free hotel tours that provide you with information on the hotel’s history and details about the many famous people who have stayed in this amazing hotel over the past 125 years; from presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge to the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and the Beatles.

There are several different types of tours offered, both private and public, with the most popular being the hotel’s Ghost Tours that are typically offered in the fall. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Brown Palace is a haunted hotel. But, no need to worry, all of their ghosts are friendly.

Modern Luxuries

You don’t remain a four and five-star hotel for 125 years without keeping things up to date. The Brown Palace has expertly maintained their historic aura without skimping on modern luxuries. Some of the amenities that you can expect to find at this venue are:

  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Live Entertainment
  • Business Services
  • Complimentary Five Mile Radius Car Service

Live Music

Check out their calendar of events, especially in 2017 as the Brown Palace celebrates their 125th anniversary. You will find everything from Easter Brunch to live Jazz music available for your enjoyment, whether you stay at the hotel or not. Just remember their events fill up fast, so you will want to make reservations where they are available.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the many transformations that the city of Denver has been through is by visiting the Brown Palace hotel. So, the next time you are looking for a great place to have lunch or just spend a few hours soaking up some atmosphere stop by the Brown Palace; you won’t be disappointed.

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About the author: Elizabeth is an adoptive Colorado native according to her Colorado native friends. After moving to Colorado for work 26 years ago, she has found the opportunity to live her life dream as a Professional Writer while also getting to live the Colorado lifestyle that makes Colorado such a great place.



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